One With Life Organic Tequila Blanco 750

  • $46.99

Organic Blanco

Our Blanco has a smooth, crisp and earthy taste that emulates the pure agave plant. There are absolutely no additives used in our production. How is it made? A team of skilled artisans in Mexico who grow the agave the right way, sustainable and organic, and then craft the spirit using traditional techniques. After harvest, the agave is slow roasted in a clay oven, shredded on a roller mill, fermented with a wild natural open air process, distilled twice with well water in stainless steel tanks and copper tanks.

This carefully monitored process results in a clean and flavorful tasting ultra-premium Blanco tequila. Taste layers of flavor from the agave plant; citrus on the front end and vanilla custard creaminess on the back end. Awarded 94 points from Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

One With Life Organic Tequila is handcrafted and produced from single estate-grown, sustainably farmed blue agave.

Farmed without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, genetically modified organisms and artificial enhancements, each agave plant is matured for at least seven years and harvested at peak ripeness. The hearts of the agave are slow roasted with lava rocks in traditional clay ovens for two days to concentrate and maintain the authenticity of the agave flavor. A roller mill extracts the juice that is then placed in stainless steel tanks for natural open-air fermentation, a method that maintains its purity. The liquid is then twice-distilled only adding water to achieve the correct alcohol content levels. There are no additives, sulfites, sweeteners, or glycerin in One With Life Tequila.